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This page provides some instructions for using ssh/scp/telnet/ftp files to connect to the Sun workstations and computers outside the Sun network.

Logging into Remote Machines from the Sun Workstations

You can connect to machines outside the Sun NASA/GIS network with ssh (preferred) or telnet (discouraged). Please note that if you use telnet, your password is transmitted in plain text across the (Inter)net and it's pretty easy for someone to steal it.

Using ssh to connect to an outside server

pfarrall@weathertop pfarrall$ ssh -l paul
paul's password: 
Authentication successful.
Last login: Mon Nov 25 2002 23:27:26 from

Welcome to the Dark Side

You have mail.

using telnet to connect to an outside server

pfarrall@weathertop pfarrall$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Linux 2.2.20 ( (ttyp6) login:    <----- (I quit rather than expose my passwd)
rtelnet> quit
Connection closed.

Logging into Sun Workstations from machines outside the Sun network

You can ssh to your Sun workstation from any machine that has an ssh client installed. Linux workstations and Apple machines running OS X will most likely already have an ssh client installed. For Windows PC's you can download a free-for-Academic use ssh client from

Restrictions: The Sun workstations have some restrictions on what machines can ssh to them. If you are on the USU campus and you can't ssh to a particular Sun workstation, contact Bonnie or Paul and we'll help you out. If you are off campus, you can only ssh to There is no other telnet or ftp access to the Sun workstations from off campus.

Connecting directly to a Sun workstation

pfarrall@weathertop pfarrall$ ssh fangorn
pfarrall's password: 
Authentication successful.
Last login: Fri Oct 25 2002 11:51:59 -0700 from nindalf
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.8       Generic February 2000
You have mail.

Connecting from off campus to elwood

[paul@linux5 ~]$ ssh -l pfarrall
pfarrall's password: 
Authentication successful.
Last login: Mon Nov 25 2002 14:12:32 -0700
#  WARNING:  You must have prior authorization to access this system.
#            All connections are logged and monitored. By connecting to
#            to this system you fully consent to all monitoring.
#            Unauthorized access or use will be prosecuted to the full
#            extent of the law. 

You have mail.
pfarrall@elwood pfarrall$ 

Downloading files to Sun Workstations

While logged onto a Sun workstation, you can use scp or ftp to download files. Please note that ftp transfers your password in clear text across the network. You should really only use ftp for anonymous ftp downloads

Using ftp to download files

pfarrall@weathertop pfarrall$ ftp
Connected to
220 GNU FTP server ready.
Name ( anonymous
331 Please specify the password.
230-If you have any problems with the GNU software or its downloading,
230-please refer your questions to .
230-There are several mirrors of this archive, a complete list can be
230-found on  You might want to use a
230-mirror closer to you.
230-Please note that the directory structure on was
230-redisorganzied fairly recently, such that there is a directory for
230-each program.
230-Note further the non-GNU programs that were formerly in gnu/ have
230-moved to gnu/non-gnu/.  Most of them were just pointers in the format
230-program.README.  If you are looking for such a file, be sure to check
230-Archives of the GNU mailing lists can be accessed or downloaded
230-via the web from; they are no longer available
230-by ftp.
230-The FSF provides this archive as a service to GNU users.  Please
230-consider donating to the FSF at
230 Login successful. Have fun.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.

Using scp to transfer files

Download 1 file

pfarrall@weathertop pfarrall$ scp ./myfile's password: 
junk                       |  1.4kB |   1.4 kB/s | TOC: 00:00:01 | 100%
pfarrall@weathertop pfarrall$

Download manyfiles (-r option will copy all files and subdirectories)

pfarrall@weathertop pfarrall$ scp -r ./junkdir's password: 
junkdir/tstfile                                        |     0B |   0.0 kB/s | TOC: 00:00:01 | 100%
junkdir/dir2/file2                                     |     0B |   0.0 kB/s | TOC: 00:00:01 | 100%
pfarrall@weathertop pfarrall$ 

Uploading files from Sun Workstations

While logged into the Sun workstations you can upload files directly to remote machines via scp or ftp.

Using ftp:

pfarrall@weathertop paul$ ftp
Connected to
220 FTP server (Version wu-2.6.1(1) Fri Nov 30 03:48:04 PST 2001) ready.
Name ( 
331 Password required for pfarrall.
530 Login incorrect.
Login failed.
ftp> bye
221 Goodbye.
Using scp:
pfarrall@weathertop paul$ ls myfile
pfarrall@weathertop paul$ scp myfile's password: 
myfile                      |     0B |   0.0 kB/s | TOC: 00:00:01 | 100%
pfarrall@weathertop paul$ 

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