The Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory at Utah State University (USU) began the process of es-tablishing a remote sensing national land cover monitoring center in order to monitor land cover and use in Honduras. A national land cover map derived from MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spec-trometer) imagery products was developed. We designed a protocol for interpretation and analysis of MODIS data products that included a Google-Earth on-screen sampling scheme, a field data collec-tion of training samples and a classification tree algorithm. The first land cover map prototypes and algorithms were developed using a time series of MODIS 2007 and 2008 imagery, elevation data (STRM) and a time series of MODIS’s Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI). In the model validation, the Kappa coefficient was K = 65.1% and the overall model accuracy was 70%. This map will serve as a base line to monitor future land cover changes in Honduras.

Full citation

Rivera S., Lowry J.H., Hernandez A.J., Ramsey R.D., Lezama R., Velasquez M.A. (2011). A MODIS generated land cover mapping of Honduras: a base-line layout to create a national monitoring center. Revista de Teledeteccion, 35:94-108.