Natural Resource Condition Assessments are extensive documents that present the current state of natural resources and environmental issues in national parks within the United States. They are used to inform managers, politicians, and the public about the overall status of a national park. They are also useful in highlighting emerging issues and assisting park managers in ongoing efforts to take an integrated, interdisciplinary, and strategic approach to resource planning and decision making. In 2007, researchers at Utah State University were funded by the National Park Service to conduct a Natural Resource Condition Assessment for Grand Teton National Park and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway. Available data and knowledge about air quality, climate, hydrology, forest health, insects and disease, invasive species, land cover and land use, soundscapes, water quality, and wildlife were researched, analyzed, and evaluated to compile a synthesis of information. The synthesized information, accompanied by spatially explicit maps and GIS data, was provided to park resource managers in 2011 in order to help them formulate management strategies that will protect and enhance park natural resources.