In 2008, the Utah Governor’s Public Land Policy Coordination Office provided funding to USU Cooperative Extension and the Department of Wildland Resources within the Quinney College of Natural Resources to gather and synthesize current information that would be useful in developing a livestock grazing policy for the State of Utah. The RS/GIS Laboratory was brought in as the project director to carry out the necessary research, analysis, and cartography to develop an up-t0-date resource for the State of Utah. Using GIS, extensive literature reviews, agricultural census data, interviews, and other resources, the 2009 edition of Rangeland Resources of Utah was produced. The 1989 publication Rangeland Resources of Utah, authored by the Utah Rangelands Committee, edited by Kendall L. Johnson, and published by USU Cooperative Extension, served as the template for this project. The revised 2009 publication provides up-to-date information, data, and trends, as well as new sections which pertain to rangeland issues that have evolved since the late 1980s. In addition to the 2009 edition of Rangeland Resources of Utah, two additional documents were produced in the initial phase of the project – Case Studies: Ranches in Utah Exemplifying Sustainable Livestock Production and Range Management and A Review of Livestock Grazing and Range Management in Utah.