Amazon Web Services
Chris Garrard

Turned an application into a distributed app that used EC2 spot instances as workers, a PostgreSQL RDS instance for data management, S3 file storage, custom CloudWatch metrics, and SQS to tie everything together. Simulation processing time was shortened from several days to an hour or two.

Ellie Leydsman McGinty

eCognition is specialized software for object-based image analysis.

NEPA Certificate
Ellie Leydsman McGinty

The Department of Environment and Society at Utah State University and the Shipley Group have partnered to provide a comprehensive NEPA Certificate Program. NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) is an important environmental law that requires analysis of impacts, alternative, and mitigation measures for all major federal actions affecting the environment. Government agencies and other organizations involved in the NEPA process frequently need individuals who have been trained in the documentation and decision making aspects of NEPA. Ellie completed the NEPA Certificate Program in December 2016. Additional information about the NEPA Certificate Program at USU can be found at