Software installation


PDF documents

Using FWTools
How to install FWTools and use the FWTools Shell

Configuring Crimson Editor
How to configure Crimson Editor so you can run Python scripts from inside it

Installing GDAL manually
How to install the Python bindings for GDAL so you can use them with a Python installation other than FWTools (only works for Python versions 2.4 and 2.5)

Datum shift files (zip)
You only need these if you are installing the GDAL Python bindings manually rather than using FWTools


Python and GDAL bundle (and other stuff) for Windows and Linux

Crimson Editor
Text editor for Windows


PDF documents

Installing GDAL and QGIS
These directions should work for Leopard and Tiger. There is a hint in the document for Panther but no actual directions.

This is a macro script for jEdit that will allow you to uncomment blocks of code (see the GDAL installation instructions for directions on using this file)


Text editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux